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Fast and enjoyable rules for playing wargames battles in the Biblical, Ancient, Dark Ages, Mediveal, Italian Wars, Gunpowder Period, English Civil War , Renaissance, Seven Years War, American War of Independance, Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War, Franco Prussian War, Victorian Period Wars, The Great War, Interwar Years and Gangland wars, World War 2 and the Modern period.

The Proelium rules facilitate phalanx, warband, company to regimental level games from 3000BC to 1901AD with a focus on command and control. Larger games can be played depending of the scale and size of the table available. The design philosophy of the rule set provides a simple approach that can be used to play wargame battles, irrespective of the figure scale (6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and even 1/32 scale). These rules have been designed to provide the player with challenges based around t [...]

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