Publisher: The Grinning Frog
Welcome good Dungeon Master – fancy somewhere tropical to take your players?
Well this Paradise Island might be just the place for you!
With loads of story hooks to help you create adventures and a whole Paradise Island with multiple locations to explore I am sure you will be able to get your players scrambling up cliffs, tangling with sirens and dealing with feuding natives in no time!
What you get is:

12 Main locations and ten sublocations – locations start from the oceans and go all the way inland including, outlying mini islands and rock formations, four beaches, agricultural land, a main city, further habitations, dock area, inland jungles and swamps, a huge active volcano and more!
23 story hooks for suggested adventure ideas
2 Maps to help aid navigation and investigation
Additional DM notes to help prompt and guide
New creature – Sirens – capable of luring your players astray whether on land or sea! Full stat bloc [...]

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