Publisher: MeditatingMunky
Map-A-Day Begins! Starting 10/1/2017, I am going to be releasing a series of Map-A-Day VTT Battlemaps Designed for Quick play! All maps that appear in the series will be made from Tiles from several of my VTT Tile Sets! Each one will let you know what set to search for in case you want more maps or tiles from that style!!!
10/9/2017- River Bend…
Sing a song of Autumn as we walk down by the River Bend… 
This Map features Items from Great Outdoors Volume 7 Autumn Forest! and is compatible with other maps and tiles from those sets as well as Decor and other items from both Series!
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These maps and tiles were made for VTT use. All grids align at a 140×140 pixel per unit ratio. All titles of the tiles are named with the pieces size in units- ie: 30x30_Map_A_Day_Autumn_Stream... That map or tile will fit your VTT at the size ratio for the grid size in your VTT of choice. [...]

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