Publisher: Rite Publishing
The Blood Changes Everything
In the Company of Vampiresintroduces moroi culture, providing a unique new undead race with versatile customization options representing vampiric families and curses. Do you choose the divine inspired, the bestial nightcallers, the disturbing nosferatu, the fey-touched shades, the masterful sovereigns, the stoic vanguards, the magic-wielding warlocks, or some combination? This book also includes:

Alternate racial traits, including mingled lineages and humanoid racial trait options.
The blood noble paragon class, with more than 80 unique talents to drive your undead evolution.
Make any class vampiric with the blood bastard and cambion archetypes!
Favored classes, racial feats, and new spells.
Optional hunting rules, a revised vampire template, and advice for running games for vampires!

From the masterminds that brought you Dragons, Aberrations, and Doppelgangers, we present you with In the Company of Vampires.
Price: $ [...]

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