Publisher: Hordes of Models and Buckets of Dice
The design philosophy of the Gunpowder rules provides a simple approach that can be used to play wargame battles at brigade or higher command levels, irrespective of the figure scale (6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and even 1/32 scale) with your own current models and common basing formats currently in use. There are many very good rule sets aimed at a specific period in the hobby which provide a detailed simulation of warfare in that period. These rules have been designed to provide the player with challenges based around the manoeuvre and the management of their units in a quick play format while still maintaining a feel for the period. An army within the game is typically 20 units as side broken down into distinct command groups. A unit is a single base. The rules use 100mm equal to one range/movement unit and a unit has a footprint of 120mm wide by 30mm – 80mm depth depending the formation and unit type. The rules have been [...]

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