Publisher: Electric Mulch
About the Product
Welcome to the second of six example characters from the character generation chapter of Modern Knights, Brightsword’s sworn enemy Darkshield. Like Brightsword, he is a second generation legacy determined to bring down the heir to his father’s arch enemy!
About Modern Knights and the Toolkit System
Modern Knights is part of the new breed of Supers RPG, despite arriving on the market years before some of the more well known. You can trace its ancestry to the Better Games Free-Style Role-Play systems arriving in the Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer relaunch in the early 90s.
Using the Toolkit system you can create virtually any power seen in comics past and present without spending hours  balancing out a point system. Modern Knights character generation is entirely concept based, allowing you to create the character you envision rather than having to compromise with the game mechanics. The innovative sliding damage scale allows vastl [...]

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