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Publisher: The Grinning Frog
For all game masters and dungeon masters out there – want to run games more easily and efficiently? Then this is for you!
With over 35 years of rpg experience behind me, I’d like to offer this new series of articles to those wonderful men and women who selflessly take on the challenge of running the games!
It can be hard, it can be scary and it can be stressful … but it can also be fantastic fun! My aim with this series is to make your experience as a DM better by reducing the stress and increasing the fun.
By providing you with tips to streamline your gaming, make your prep quicker and help things flow more smoothly at the table I genuinely believe you, and your players will have better game sessions.
Future editions include:
#2 – 10 Tips for Roleplaying Villains#3 – 10 Tips for Improvising Better
Satisfaction Guarantee – if for any reason you don̵ [...]

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